My area of expertise is records, their nature and characteristics, their behavior and their treatment through time. My research and teaching focus is on the trustworthiness of records (diplomatics), the accuracy, reliability, authenticity—identity and integrity, and authentication of digital records (digital records forensics), and their appraisal, arrangement and description and long term preservation and accessibility (archival science).  The research projects that I direct are InterPARES (, and Digital Records Forensics (  The web page for my students is  
            My contact information is:
            Dr. Luciana Duranti Chair and Professor, Archival Studies School of Library, Archival and Information Studies The University of British Columbia The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Suite 470, 1961 East Mall Vancouver, British Columbia  V6T 1Z1 CANADA Tel:  604.822.2587  Fax: 604.822.6006

 Awards and Distinctions

Jacob Biely Research Prize, University of British Columbia, 2006.  Described as "UBC's premier research award", the prize is awarded annually to one of UBC's outstanding faculty members for a distinguished record of published research by an active researcher.

Frontiers in Research Award, British Columbia Innovation Council, 2006. This award recognizes an individual or small team whose innovative research contributions have led to major new advances in scientific or technological knowledge. The potential impact of commercializing or social benefit of such research will be one consideration along with scientific merit, duration of research, and uniqueness of undertaking.

Killam Research Prize in the Senior Art category, University of British Columbia, 2005.
Academic of the Year Award (awarded each year to honour outstanding contributions to the community through the generation, communication, or implementation of ideas), Canadian Universities Faculty Associations/British Columbia, 1999. In recognition of “Duranti’s groundbreaking work in the authentication and preservation of electronic records.”
W. Kaye Lamb Prize (awarded to the author of the article that most advances archival thinking and scholarship in Canada), Association of Canadian Archivists, 1990
Inducted Fellow of the Society of American Archivists for service to the profession through publications, teaching, work in international and national committee, and service to the Society itself, 1998
Oliver Wendell Holmes Award (given annually to a foreign archival specialist), Society of American Archivists, 1985


Dr. Luciana Duranti