The Emmett Leahy Award honors a pioneer in the field of records and information management.  The award recognizes an individual whose contributions and outstanding accomplishments have a major impact on the records and information management profession. Established in 1967, this award honors the spirit of innovation, dedication, and excellence in records and information management of Emmett Leahy, an icon in the development of the life cycle approach to managing records and information .

The Emmett Leahy Award selection is made by the Emmett Leahy Award Committee (see sidebar).  The Committee consists of Leahy Award winners and makes its decisions independently.  It is not formally affiliated with any organization or professional association.  Richard Marciano, the 2017 Emmett Leahy Award recipient, typifies the outstanding contributions to the information and records management profession that are associated with the Emmett Leahy Award.

Eligibility  for the Award

Any living individual who has had a major impact on the field of records and information management is eligible to be nominated. A nominee does not have to have specific professional credentials, such as Certified Records Manager or Certified Archivist, or be a member of a professional organization. Past winners have included users, educators, archivists, records managers, scientists, and consultants.  Individuals who meet the criteria for the award may be nominated fron any nation around the world.  Recent winners are from Australia,  Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States,

the Leahy Award Committee

The selection of the annual Emmett Leahy Award recipient is the exclusive responsibility of the Emmett Leahy Award Committee, an independent entity not affiliated with any other organization.

The Leahy Award Committee is composed of past award recipients.  Members of the Committee for the 2018 Award are
    Jason R. Baron (2011),  Chair

    Adrian Brown (2016)
    Adrian Cunningham (2010)
    Galina Datskovsky (2013)
    David Giaretta (2012)
    Maria Guercio (2009)

     Victoria Lemieux (2015)

    Richard Marciano (2017)

    Julie McLeod (2014)
    Kenneth Thibodeau (2008)

The Emmett Leahy Award

Awarded for Outstanding Contributions and Accomplishments that Have a Major Impact on the Records and Information Management Profession