2011 Emmett Leahy Award Winner, JASON R. BARON

Jason Baron graduated from Boston University Law in 1980, and has since dedicated his career to public service and the preservation of the government's documents, most recently as Director of Litigation at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, D.C. A long time proponent of the use of new technologies in recordkeeping and research, Baron’s advocacy has long been lauded as invaluable and innovative, and now, he has been formally recognized for his efforts.

At a ceremony at the NARA headquarters on September 15, 2011, Baron was officially presented the Emmett Leahy Award, which honors the spirit and innovation in records and information management embodied by the titular Leahy, also known as the “father” of records management in North America.

According to a press release issued by the Award Committee, “Baron’s leadership, including educating the profession on best practices in search and retrieval in legal discovery, represents an outstanding contribution to the profession.”

“Jason Baron has made an invaluable contribution to the way our society considers how to find what we need from an ever expanding source of information,” echoed U.S. Magistrate Judge John Facciola at the ceremony. “No one has confronted that question with more creativity and imagination.”

Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero also praised Baron’s work at the ceremony, calling him a thought leader—from a legal standpoint—in pushing the federal government to adopt forms of smart electronic archiving and finding better ways to search through these archives. “[Baron] has become what many people regard as the ‘go to’ lawyer in the government on issues involving preservation of electronic records.”