The Emmett Leahy Award Committee selected Adrian Cunningham as the 40th recipient of the Emmett Leahy Award because his leadership efforts in both the National Archives of Australia and the International Council on Archives to promote collaboration and innovation have resulted in the development of world leading strategies, frameworks, standards, tools and guidelines for electronic records and information management. These initiatives have resulted in improved integration with and value to business systems and processes. The guidelines and practices have been adopted in many organizations globally and internationally recognized because of the value they bring to record keeping practice in both the public and private sectors. His leadership and initiative led to the development of the ICA’s Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Environments – ICA-Req. The basic requirements are being further expanded for use through guidance and training materials that are being developed through a joint initiative of the ICA Section on Archival Education and Training, the International Records Management Trust and 9 participating ICA-member countries. As a result of this initiative, good recordkeeping has been cited as a regional priority. Funded by AusAID, eleven records management guidelines have been developed together with introductory and promotional materials. While focused on PARBICA, these works will be transferable into other geographic areas.

In addition, Adrian Cunningham has participated on international standards development committees, university advisory board and most recently management the development of PARBICA’s Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit. He has written numerous articles that have been translated and published internationally. In addition to his full-time work, and participation on various international committees, he has written numerous articles that have been translated and published internationally. Furthermore, he has shared his knowledge and experience to the international community through seminars presented in over 17 countries for both English and non-English speaking audiences.

2010 Emmett Leahy Award Winner, Adrian Cunningham