An educator, practitioner, publisher, director and development specialist, she is acknowledged as a leading authority of records and information management. Recognizing that good records are fundamental in underpinning good governance, the reduction in corruption, the protection of individual entitlements and human rights, and the effective and efficient administration of government programs, she led a study of the state of record keeping systems in over 32 countries across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Based upon this study she created a master's program and post-graduate research program in records and archives management that focused on the needs and requirements in these countries. Subsequently, she realized that there was a continuing need beyond the university program for ongoing records management tools development and staff education and training, so she undertook a new initiative to create additional education and training opportunities and delivery methods for developing countries. To support this initiative, she created a non-profit organization, the International Records Management Trust (1989) to develop records management tools and techniques that can be incorporated into a training and development program and employed in specific 'country project' programs. In 2000 Queen Elizabeth made her a member of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of her service in promoting records management in developing countries.

2007 Emmett Leahy Award Winner, Anne Thurston