Chair of the Master of Archival Studies at the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies of the University of British Columbia, Canada, and a Professor of archival theory, diplomatics, and the management of digital records in both its master's and doctoral archival programs, she has had a major influence in framing digital preservation issues.. She is the Director of InterPARES, a multinational, collaborative and interdisciplinary research project on the long-term preservation of authentic electronic records. For her research contributions she was honoured in 1999 with the Academic of the Year Award given by the Canadian Universities Faculty Associations; in 2006, with the Killam Research Prize of the Canada Council for the Arts; and, in 2007, with the Jacob Biely Research Prize, the University of British Columbia's "premier research award." For her overall contributions to the records and information field, she was appointed by Italy's Government to the Supreme Council for Cultural Properties (2007-2010), and by the President of UNESCO to the International Advisory Committee of the Memory of the World Program (2007-2011).

2006 Emmett Leahy Award Winner, Luciana Duranti