A historian at Oklahoma State University (1968-1974), an electronic records program manager at the National Archives and Records Administration (1974-1994), an archival educator at the University of British Columbia (1994-1999), and a Senior Consultant at Cohasset Associates (1999 to the present), he was a pioneer in establishing the electronic records preservation program of the National Archives in the 1970s. He had a major leadership role in early efforts of the Society of American Archivists and the International Council on Archives to address the challenges of electronic records. He served on the Standards Board of the Association of Information and Image Management and Technical Committee 171 of the International Standards Organization and was the author of ISO 18492, Long Term Preservation of Electronic Document-Based Information (2005). His book on The Impact of Information Technology on Archives Theory and Practice (1993) and Authentic Electronic Records: Strategies for Long Term Access (1997) advanced the profession's understanding of the challenges of digital preservation.

2005 Emmett Leahy Award Winner, Charles Dollar